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Learn Music! PopShop, located in Morgantown, WV, is a non profit music academy founded with the belief that popular music styles (rock, pop, country, punk, etc.) can be a vehicle to teach traditional musical concepts. PopShop is dedicated to providing a quality music education while working to help nurture artistic and personal growth in students of all ages.

Have Fun! While music education is at the center of PopShop's mission, classes are designed for members to enjoy the learning experience! Students collaborate in order to choose the songs, and work to assemble a set of music to be presented at public concert events.

Rock Out! Throughout the PopShop session, band members take to the stage for live performances to showcase each student's talent and hard work. Live performances are used to help highlight other charitable causes in our community and raise funds for these same organizations. PopShop teaches that art is not only important for personal expression, but that it can be used to help others in need.

Classes & Information

Registration for PopShopWV 2018 Summer Camps - is NOW OPEN!

Classes Offered Summer 2018 :


Monday, June 4th & Wednesday, June 6th (4:30-5:30pm) - For beginning songwriters ages of all ages . A two, 60 min class workshop that will focus on the elements of a song and help jumpstart the creative process. As a class, we’ll study some examples and then create our own song together. The second session will consist of evaluating and working on assigned songs (or parts of songs) from the first day. Limited number of private one on one follow up lessons available on Thursday, June 7th by appointment.

PopShop Drum Camp

June 18th - June 22nd - Students will meet M-F for five 90 minute lessons covering various drum styles, basic drum notation, drum set tuning/maintenance, playing with a metronome/click track, taking control of the band, hand drums techniques, and more.

PopShop Guitar/Bass Guitar Camp

June 18th - June 22nd Groups will meet M-F for five, 90 minute lessons, learning basic routine maintenance, understanding amps, using pedals, utilizing accessories, preparing for live performances, and a special day of riffs, tips and tricks!

PopShop Summer Performance Camp 1

July 9th-13th - Groups will meet M-F during this week for two hour rehearsals (10 hours total instruction). Final performance will take place Sunday, July 15th (Venue TBA). • This program is geared toward players of all ages (8-adult) and musical abilities! Students meet for group lessons to create a set of music to be performed at a public concert at the end of the week. PopShop staff members carefully create groups based on age, ability and musical interests. Instructors provide musical instruction and impart the importance of teamwork, creative expression, and self confidence.


July 16th - 20th (10am-4pm) - This camp is crafted for female musicians age 8 - 18! In one week campers will form bands, write an original song and perform at a local music venue. Campers will work with PopShop's all female staff to explore the fun and challenges of making music with others. Each day will begin with movement exercises (yoga/dance) as well as hands-on demonstrations of all of the instruments utilized in PopShop. Campers will learn to play/sing the Girls Rock Camp Theme Song on (and put their stamp on it). There will be daily Skype sessions with female artists and music industry professionals. Each afternoon, campers (in small groups) will collaborate with the staff members and professional songwriters to craft their original songs. Any self-identified girl is encouraged to apply, prior music experience isn’t required and all musical instruments will be provided.

Guitar/Bass Effects Pedal Class (Beginner)

Groups will meet for four 90 minute classes to learn about how most analog pedals work. Students will then build their own pedal to take home at the end of the class! (Choice of six different pedal options: Guitar Distortion, Guitar Fuzz, Boost, Treble Boost, Bass Overdrive, and Bass Fuzz)

Guitar/Bass Effects Pedal Class (Advanced)

Groups will meet for four 90 minute classes to learn about some more advanced circuits, and then build their own pedal to take home at the end of the class! (Choice of four: Atticus Finch Overdrive, Pancake Trilobite 2xFuzz, BigWig Bass Driver, Malta Kano Distorted Reverb)

Guitar and Bass Tech Class

Students will meet for four 90 minute hands-on classes of complete electric guitar and bass maintenance and basic common repairs. Learn to keep your instrument in top performance shape and save money on setups and repairs.

Audio Mixing Basics Class

Students will meet for four 90 minute classes providing an introduction to mixing sound for students at the beginner and novice levels. Learn the concepts of mixing live audio for bands, theater and speaking events, and also recorded music for albums, podcasts and film/video.

  • A minimum of 4 players needed to form performance class.
  • Students rehearse on stage with full PA allowing students the opportunity to experience the feeling of performance from day one of the session!
  • All "backlined instruments" (drums, keyboards, amplifiers, PA system, microphones) are provided for students.
  • Classes are held at "The PopShop" located at 918 Fortney St, Morgantown, WV.
  • Instruments that we need: Guitar(s), Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Vocalist(s), Wind Instruments. Other instruments can be incorporated. Please inquire about yours!


Spring 2018 - Session Two classes are currently in session. Join us for upcoming PopShopWV 2018 Summer Camps!

Pay Online: PopShop Classes Spring 2018 - Session Two

Register Now For Songwriting Workshops With Scott Simons!

Pay Online: Songwriting Workshops With Scott Simons

Register Now For PopShopWV 2018 Summer Camps!

ROCK enROLL now for PopShopWV 2018 Summer Camps!

Pay Online: PopShop 2018 - Summer Camps


Upcoming Shows and Events:

PopShopWV Presents: School's Out For Summer 2018!

All PopShop Spring Session Two groups perform @ 123 Pleasant St!

Sunday, May 20th - 1PM - 123 Pleasant St. Morgantown, WV

PopShop 2018 Drum Camp

Join us for a week of all things drums/percussion (90 minutes a day - Time TBA)!

June 18th - June 22nd @ 918 Fortney St. Morgantown, WV

PopShop 2018 Guitar/Bass Guitar Camp

Join us for a week of all things guitar/bass guitar (90 minutes a day - Time TBA)!

June 18th - June 22nd @ 918 Fortney St. Morgantown, WV

PopShop Summer Performance Camp 1

Groups will meet M-F, 2 hrs a day, for 5 days (Time TBA).

July 9th - 13th @ 918 Fortney St. Morgantown, WV

PopShop Summer Performance Camp 1 Concert

Final performance for all Performance Camp 1 bands.

Sunday, July 15th (1pm) @ Crab Shack Caribba - Cheat Lake, WV


This camp is crafted for female musicians age 8 - 18!

July 16th - 20th (10am-4pm) @ 918 Fortney St. Morgantown, WV.

GIRLS ROCK! CAMP 2018 Concert

Final performance of GIRLS ROCK! CAMP 2018

Friday, July 20th @ VENUE TBA.

PopShop Performance Camp 2 (Fairmont State University - Fairmont, WV)

Groups will meet M-F, 2 hrs a day, for 5 days (Time TBA).

July 23rd - July 27th - @ Wallman Hall - Fairmont State University - Fairmont, WV

PopShop Summer Performance Camp 2 Concert

Final performance for all Performance Camp 2 bands.

July 28th (1pm) @ Palantine Park - Farimont, WV

PopShop Fall 2018 - Session One Begins

Fall 2018 - Session One performance classes begin (6 week session)!

August, 27, 2018 @ 918 Fortney St. Morgantown, WV


  • "Had a great time at Black Bear. Kudos to you for the teaching and relationships that got the kids (and adults) there. The Black Bear venue permitted a lot of {my son's} friends to be there, which was awesome support."

    - Parent of PopShop student

  • "You don't know me, but {one of your students} is a dear friend of mine, and I just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful work you did with him and all the other PopShop kids. He has been on Cloud Nine over the experience. The other day he said to me, with a big smile on his face, "I feel like I get better at guitar just by being in the room." You are doing an amazing thing with these kids, and you must be very good with them; the results are so impressive. So I just wanted to thank you for giving such a great gift to the community. Best of luck to you, and keep up the good work!"

    - Community member and friend of PopShop student

  • "Participating in Pop Shop programs over the years has allowed my son to grow as a musician and as an individual. Chris Russell and his staff are excellent mentors to students that are in the process of discovering their musical talents. Pop Shop bands have a great time while working toward taking their abilities to the next level. It's such a great opportunity...right here in Morgantown! "

    - Cynthia Armstrong, Parent of PopShop student

  • "...Unsurprisingly, he didn't get in trouble at all this spring. There was no acting out, his grades improved and his attendance was stellar. He will start high school in the fall with new confidence in mind and direction in his heart, and it is all because of the gift of a semester in PopShop."

    - Counselor of PopShop student

  • "We love PopShop, it is such a wonderful program for our daughters. They enjoy playing music they hear on the radio and learning to play with a group is important for any musician. We look forward to future semesters!"

    - Angela Carver, Parent of PopShop students

  • "Thanks again for all your hard work and support throughout the semester. We will all look forward to the fall."

    - Adult PopShop student and the parent of PopShop students

  • "I just want to thank you for all your time and hard work you have put into Popshop. The boys were very happy with their performance yesterday. I think they did a great job. I know you put in a lot of hours. I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate it."

    - Parent of PopShop students

  • "I loved doing Popshop! I learned so much during the semesters I spent there - I took the next step and actually played something with other people, outside of my room. I gained a little confidence and (kinda) got over my stage fright. I recommend this program to people all the time and try to spread the word as much as I can. Thank you so much for all you did for me!"

    - Anna Smith, Former PopShop student

  • "Many thanks for you and your assistants for all you do with young musicians. PopShop has been an amazing experience for my son and his band. {My son} has gained confidence as a musician that I never thought we'd see."

    - Parent of PopShop student


A huge thank you to Rob Mount (drummer for Lou Gramm) for spending time via Skype yesterday during PopShop’s Drum Camp!

Live at the Fairmont WalMart today!

Last call for PopShop Drum Camp and Guitar/Bass Guitar Camp registration. Camp begins next week, June 18-22. Drum Campers will study: Drum set history, transcription methods, drum musicality, various drum set styles, listening/recreation fexercises. (Intermediate to advanced students: 1-2:30pm, Beginning to intermediate students: 3-4:30pm) Guitar/Bass Guitar campers will study: Guitar/Bass history, getting to know your Guitar/Bass, amplifiers, effects Pedals, instrument maintenance, electronics, stringing/tuning, and other tips and tricks. Monday, June 18th - 4:30-6PM Tuesday - Friday, June 19th-22nd - 5-6:30PM ROCK enROLL NOW: https://goo.gl/aVfmWx

PopShop welcomes singer/songwriter/producer Scott Simons June 4th-7th! Scott will present songwriting workshops for musicians of all ages. These workshops are limited to a small number of students. ROCK enROLL today @ PopShopWV.com

There are two awesome shows going on this weekend involving PopShop musicians! Don’t miss Basden Coast performing at 10am this Saturday, May 26th in support of Girls on the Run of North Central WV! Basden Coast will perform on one of the more difficult sections of the race (the hill between the WVU CAC and the WVU Recreational Center)! Cody Clayton Eagle has been asked to open for Union Sound Treaty and George Shingleton on Saturday, May 26th as well 123 Pleasant Street. Support these awesome artists!

PopShopWV Presents: School's Out For Summer 2018 Concert Sunday, May 20, 2018 Join us at 123 Pleasant Street or watch the entire show live on the PopShop facebook page! 1:00 - Avadakedavra - Radioactive, Good Time (Stella Carlson, Ellie Hite, Ian Claycomb, Carlo Arthurs) 1:20 - Electric Rectangles - Do I Wanna Know?, Here It Goes Again (Mazy Snider, Ben Mcmullen, Tommy Thompson, Nate Hite, Gabriel Spino) 1:35 - Controlled Chaos - Santa Monica, Lola Blue, Live in Rock, Knock Down Drag Out (Brian Ringler, David Brown, Joseph Noll, Tim Koch) 2:00 - The Band Who Lived - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), No Matter What (Hazel Iafrate, Luke Williams, Katie Lentz, Summer Murral, Kira Barnes-Marra) 2:20 - Dark Matter - Sk8ter Boi, Demons (Willow Thayer, Brock Lewis, Owen Minchau, Claire von Boetticher, Ryan Minchau) 2:35 - Frisch and Chips - Everglow, Feel It Still (Emily Frisch, Maddie Carver, Bowie Johnson) 2:50 - Swingin’ On A Fever - Fever, Swing Swing (Kat Stanley, Dayle Brubacher, Levi Wolfe, JuanEfe Giraldo) 3:05 - The Mixups - Pour Some Sugar On Me, Oh Pretty Woman (Luke Andrews, Zach Rutledge, Noah Dower, Spencer Chaplin) 3:20 - FREE PIZZA! - Just The Way You Are, I’m Glad You Came (Leila Giuliani, Zorrah Lawson, Maya Tripp, Johnny Thomas, Cormac Fedorko) 3:40 - Basden Coast - I Want To, Utopia (Isabella Stevens, Sabrina Basden, Ella Tillotson, Lilli Conlon) 3:55 - Big Ol’ Bagel Bites - Island In The Sun, Everlasting Light (Preslea Sodomick, Cash Sodomick, Julian Matthews, Maddox Turner) 4:10 - Something Professional - Shut Up Kiss Me, Starlight, Offa My Hands (Elana Acciavatti, Elijah Dower, Julian Stealey, Evan Acciavatti) 4:25 - The Naysayers - Creep, Flagpole Sitta, The Animal I Have Become (Puck Byron, Tyler Ford, Ben McMullen, Paige Krcek) 4:45 - Odd Men Out - Up In Arms, For Whom The Bell Tolls, School (Hunter Acheson, Ethan Brunet-Bailey, Jake Laneve, Skyler Rife) 5:05 - Kornelius - Oblivious, Fake Happy, Head Like a Haunted House (Sydney Wiley, Nathaniel Fuller, Harrison Staubly, Tessa Staubly) 5:25 - Extra Credit - I Gotta Feeling, Big Me (Kadence Walls, Seth Argabrite, Kane Devall, Brady Nestor) 5:40 - Uncharted - Neon, I’m On Fire, Boston, Sweet Child O’ Mine (Cody Clayton Eagle, Ross Weed, Alexia Eagle, Ethan White, Gabby Garrison) 6:05 - Well Excuuuse Me Princess - Electric Eye, From the Pinnacle To The Pit (Clancy Wells, Skyler Rife, Chase Sutton, Ben McMullen)



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